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Adolescent and Teen Therapy

Online Therapy for families residing in Hawaii

Exhausted of being at war with your child? Worried about how they are really doing?

Being a teen is HARD. They see constant transitions, big changes emotionally and physically, and difficulties keeping up with expectations from friends, family, and teachers. You may recognize that a recent big transition has left your child struggling. A divorce, blending of families, sibling rivalries, a move, recent loss, or trauma. You love your child but admittedly find your self often at war with them. The only thing they seem to respond too is yelling and making demands. While this might work to solve the problem at hand, it creates more distance and causes strain on the connection you have with your child. You feel disrespected, but also recognize that they are hurting and struggling.

Adolescence and teens who are struggling with depression and anxiety often appear oppositional, unpredictable, and impulsive. It might seem like they are "looking for attention" but what they are truly looking for is connection. 

My approach when working with Adolescents and Teens

Teens are doing the best they can. They want to improve and they want to be motivated for change. In therapy the foundation of that change is developing a  safe relationship where they feel heard and valued. We work together as a team to set goals and address concerns they have. We put them in the drivers seat to empower them and to recognize they are worthy of living a life full of self love and self compassion. When children and teens blossom from the inside it changes how they navigate their world and connect with others. 


While I believe in confidentiality with my teens and adolescence it is also important to continue to coordinate with caregivers. During our check-ins we discuss progress or concerns caregivers may be seeing at home, provide resources to support with treatment, explore parenting skills that would be helpful with the child's specific needs and provide education regarding child development .  The ultimate goal is to create a sense of cohesiveness, understanding, and respect between caregivers and children. Even when times get rough the family will be able to confidently work through the turbulence. 

The work we will do together...

  • Develop a sense of respect and acceptance for self and others

  • Develop healthy ways to experience and express feelings

  • Develop new and creative solutions to problems   

Are you ready to support your child in developing a better understanding of themselves and to live with a sense of purpose?

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