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Anxiety and the Perfectionist

Online Therapy for women residing in Hawaii

Are you exhausted of being in survival mode and auto pilot? 

You are often applauded from the outside world for your ability to juggle "all of the things". Your ability to nurture, provide, organize, and schedule gives you positive reviews from those in your community. One more project at work, two more events to host, three more activities to attend. The list never ends, and seems to be constantly running in the back of your head. 

While your perfectionist tendencies may encourage you to continue to run this race, on the inside you feel disconnected from who you are and your values. Your rigidity and inflexibility are wreaking havoc on you personally and professionally. You long for a relationship with both yourself and others that is more enriched and authentic. Instead you find yourself showing up in front of your loved ones as irritable, on edge, and missing out on some of the more intimate and memorable moments. You want to re align with your values, but the fear of not being prepared for the catastrophe that hasn't happened yet or letting others down prevents you moving full speed ahead. 

My approach when working with anxiety and perfectionism 

Coming to therapy provides you a space to feel heard, valued and reflect on what it wold look like to show up as your most unapologetic self. The work we do is rooted in value exploration, accepting difficult feelings, and committing to change.  You will discover what a rich and meaningful life would look like for you.  

Together we will...

  • Develop healthy boundaries with yourself and others.

  • Navigate away from the pursuit of people pleasing and self doubt.

  • Move away from being focused on painful memories and frantic avoidance of impending doom

  • Become more present in the here and now.

  • Develop tools and skills to become more accepting of the pain that we experience in life.  

Are you ready for a life where you aren't in constant need for control and order but instead filled with peace and purpose. 

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