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Life Transitions

Online Therapy for women residing in Hawaii

You just experienced a big life change and now you find your self stuck and questioning who you are at the core. Instead of rushing through, lets use this opportunity for growth. 

You just had a big change. New baby, birthday milestone, divorce, marriage, job change, these are just a few examples of life transitions. While some may be planned others are not. Either way they have a way of creating a storm of feelings that can be difficult to navigate.  You may find yourself questioning yourself, re-evaluating who you are, and a general sense of where you are going in life. Self doubt may be creeping in leaving you disconnected from your true values and distanced from your community. There may be anxiety around if this was the best choice for you in addition to a general sense of impending doom about what's coming next. The discomfort of these feelings can  leave you wanting to just survive, just hurry and get through it. As difficult as these transitions can be, they can be our turning point, allowing us to hit the reset button, get back to the basics, and move towards our ideal selves.

My approach supporting you through your life transition

What ever the transition may be, I am here to hear your truth fully, with no judgment. This is your space to explore your truth prior to the life transition and the impact it is presently having on you. Taking your most recent transition in mind, we will explore how your values have changed, specifically how would you be navigating your world if you were engaging in mindful, valued living. 

The work we will do together...

  • Develop an acceptance and peace of the transition

  • Move away from avoiding the difficult feelings caused by the transition and instead fully embrace the storm. 

  • Gain a sense of control of the life transition, recognize you are the author of your story. 

  • Develop tools and skills to become more accepting of the pain that we experience in life.  

Honoring the transitions in life is recognizing the wisdom we gain from these moments.

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